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Our Mission:

"To provide local dollars for local students; to promote all types of post-secondary education."

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Since the inception of the Turtle Lake-Mercer Dollars for Scholars in 1983, 450 scholarships totaling $318,890.00 have been awarded from contributions and from interest earned for the Turtle Lake-Mercer Scholarship or Endowment Fund.  This past year $17,000.00 was awarded to TL-M seniors who applied for this scholarship.  In 2001 Turtle Lake-Mercer School became affiliated with the Dollars for Scholars program, ensuring all contributions to the local organization are tax-deductible.  A benefit to our students in being affiliated with Dollars for Scholars, is that colleges that are Collegiate Partners agree to use the awards to fill any unmet need remaining after the student's initial financial aid package has been calculated.

How are scholarships awarded?

In the spring, a selection committee reviews the applications submitted by the students.  They use a double-blind system where all identifying information is removed from the applications and each application is divided into four sections.  Three of the sections have two committee members evaluating it and one section has one member.  Committee members use a point system with each section on the application worth a specific number of points that are added up to get a total score. There are four sections where students can earn points - the more points a student earns, the more scholarship money they will receive. Areas in which students can earn points include leadership opportunities and experiences, extracurricular activities (both school and non-school sanctioned), volunteer experience, community service hours, work activities (different point amounts awarded for full time versus part-time), citizenship and character, and an overall essay written by the student about the above experiences. 



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